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OPTIMA 12-25dB Variable Gain LTE Masthead Amplifier Kit

Product Code: OPT25LTEKIT
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Product Details

OPTIMA 12-25dB Variable Gain LTE Masthead amplifier kit. Single input/output with PSU included.

This OPTIMA™ masthead amplifier is a high quality yet cost effective fully screened amplifier for digital TV in low signal or long cable run situations. The OPT25LTEKIT has been robustly designed for contract installation in a high quality mast or bulkhead weatherproof ABS housing with positive slide down cover.

  • 4G-800 LTE ready tuned for channels 21-60 to minimise 4G interference
  • F connectors and High quality screened SMD electronics
  • Removable electronics module for easy connection
  • Mast or bulkhead mount outdoor housing with positive slide-down cover
  • Supplied as kit with 12V 100mA S/C protected PSU included

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