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Jolly 4 Channel Universal Remote

Product Code: RCJOLLY4
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Product Details

Jolly 4 Channel Universal Remote

Universal remote control with 4 memory banks to satisfy the wishes of all users who want to control up to 4 different devices.

    • Works with all brands.
    • Enables control of the original functions of over 100,000 models of TV, VCR, DVD, Satellite and Terrestrial Digital Receivers.
    • Controls national Pay-TV and the Terrestrial Digital receiver.
    • Enables control the original functions of the TV.
    • The audio level of all programmed devices can be controlled with the direct volume control function.
    • With a simple procedure, it adapts automatically to the device to be controlled, thanks to 2 programming modes (direct code input and automatic search).
    • The code programmed can be displayed.
    • Programmed codes not lost when battery removed, even for extended periods.

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