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HDMI Extender Over Cat5/6

Product Code: HDMIEX50
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Product Details

The HDMIEX50 has a full IR return path and with the supplied IR emitter and receiver can operate the HDMI source equipment from the receiver point.

The HDMIEX50 is powered at 5V from the transmitter only and the receiver is powered via the CAT5e/6 cable reducing the required power points and making for neater and simple installation.


  • HDMI loop-through
  • IR return
  • Single end powering
  • EDID Mode
  • HDCP 1.4
  • Supplied with 5V 1A PSU
  • Supports 3D format
  • PoE

The HDMIEX50 extender extends HDMI over a single CAT5e/6 cable with IR extends high definition video and audio signals with an IR return path over 50m. This unit has EDID management allowing source and display handshake for optimum display performance. Extender incorporates a HDMI loop-through at the transmitter for a local TV display at the source avoiding the need of an additional HDMI splitter. The receiver incorporates equalisation DIP switches for optimising the signal over different lengths of cat5e/6 cable for super reliable performance in any installation.

Convenient PoE powering is built into the transmitter removing the need for power supplies at both the transmitter and receiver making installation easier, neater and more convenient.

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