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16-port Passive PoE Panel (with 48V/120W PSU)

Product Code: POEPANEL
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Product Details

The POEP1611B panel is a passive device used to supply power via UTP cables to terminal devices equipped with PoE ports. 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX networks use only two of the four pairs in the twisted-pair cable, located on pins 1 plus 2 and 3 plus 6. The PoE panel injects supply voltage to the 4 plus 5 ( ) and 7 plus 8 (-) pins/wires.

On the panel front there two rows of RJ-45 ports. The ports marked with numbers on a white background ("Data") are standard Ethernet ports ("inputs"), those with a yellow background ("Power Data") are PoE ports for connecting terminal PoE devices ("outputs"). The POEP1611B panel can supply power to 16 PoE devices.

The maximum range of supplying PoE devices is 100 m. The actual range depends on the number of connected devices and their power consumption. The transmission range is also limited by the distances from active devices (switches, routers etc.) to the data ports of the device. The recommended transmission medium is twisted-pair cable Cat 5e or higher.

The set includes AC/DC adapter (input 100-240 VAC, output 48 VDC / 120 W) that supplies power to the panel via 5.5/2.5 DC jack. There may be used a more powerful power supply instead, with output power higher than the total power consumed by all PoE devices connected to "Power Data" ports. However, the maximum power transmitted via a single PoE port cannot exceed 30 W.

The device features overload protection (polyswitch on each output) and short-circuit protection.

The POEP1611B panel is intended for mounting in 19" racks (1U, thickness of 22 mm). The metal body is painted black.The green light of the LED indicates normal operation.

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