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Signal Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Set 5.8GHz

Product Code: SIGTR3000
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Product Details

The SIGTR3000 set is designed for wireless audio/video/S-video transmission and extended IR remote control. It can be used with satellite receivers, cable or DVB-T STBs, stereo systems, VCRs, DVD players, media players, etc. The device ensures trouble-free signal transmission over distances up to 60 m in line of sight (LOS).

The kit can be used in many ways:

  • watching video recordings, movies etc. on any TV in home without the need to carry the player around or installing additional cables;
  • watching satellite, DVB-T or cable TV programs on any TV in home without buying additional receivers, STBs or installing additional cables;
  • wireless transmission of stereo signals from a receiver to active speakers;
  • wireless monitoring system, for example, to look after kids - wireless transmission of video and audio from an analog camera.

For flexibility and transmission reliability, the user can select one of the 4 available RF channels and one of two IR transmission modes.

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