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U-Cam 585 Day/Night Box Camera: 550TVL,

Product Code: UCAM585
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Product Details

Day/Night Box Camera: u-cam 585 (550TVL, Sony Super HAD II, 0.05 lx)

Distinguishing features:

  • 1/3'' CCD Sony SuperHAD II sensor
  • 550 TVL
  • high sensitivity: 0.05 lx
  • day/night function

The ucam585 camera is equipped with a very sensitive 1/3'' SONY SuperHAD II CCD (0.05 lx). It renders true colors and provides crisp video with sharp edges of objects. The camera performs very well in difficult lighting conditions. The high sensitivity of the camera ensures color images in low light, without a visible effect of "snow". In very low light the camera switches into B/W mode and operates with increased sensitivity. The camera is not equipped with an ICR filter, so it cannot operate with IR illuminators.

The rear panel of the ucam585 camera contains the following switches and regulators:

  • video LEVEL
  • AGC
  • AWB
  • EE/AI
  • BLC
  • AWB (Auto White Balance) - white color is automatically detected and used for camera color balance. It is suitable for environments with small changes of color temperature.
  • AGC(Automatic Gain Control) - maintains a constant output level, increasing the signal to noise ratio. The picture is more clear but less natural. Without this function (AGC OFF) the image is generally more natural, but more grainy.
  • EE/AI(Electronic Shutter) - in EE mode it adapts the exposure time to the light intensity. In AI mode, the exposure time is constant (1/60 or 1/50s) and level of incident light intensity is regulated by auto-iris lens (Auto Iris).
  • BLC (Backlight Compensation) - automatically adjusts the level of bright light in order to provide more detail in dark areas. A good example is the image a human's face in the background of the sun shining from behind.
  • Gamma correction - feature which allows for nonlinear scaling of the brightness levels of the image to the characteristics of the display and human eye. The original signal level is linearly dependent on the intensity of the incident light, while the impression of brightness perceived by the eye is proportional to the logarithm of the light intensity of the display (luminance).

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