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DVB-T Signal Meter: DigiairPRO

Product Code: DIGIAIRPRO
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Product Details

The Digiair PRO meter has been designed and manufactured by engineers of Emitor company in Sweden. This company has many years experience in the production of measuring devices for terrestrial and satellite television systems.

The meter has been designed to assist installers in adjusting TV antennas. It measures parameters of analog TV and digital DVB-T - COFDM signals, which is necessary for diagnosing antenna systems. The biggest advantage of this meter is the ability to measure bit error rate (BER) and modulation error ratio (MER) of digital signals. These parameters are critical for proper operation of systems using digitally modulated signals. The Digiair Pro enables the user to define and store in its memory up to 5 lists, each grouping 6 channels or multiplexes that are used in a certain area.

The meter is recommended for all installers of terrestrial TV antennas. Its power supply is provided by 8 AA rechargeable batteries. Operating time depends on the function of the meter, but when using the fully charged batteries is not shorter than 2 hours. In the event of a particularly difficult, time-consuming installation, the meter can be fitted with typical alkaline batteries (AA/R6 1.5 V).

  • Frequency range: 45-860 MHz
  • High sensitivity: 30dBuV
  • Simultaneous measurements of up to six channels
  • Channel lists
  • Measurements of the major parameters of digital signals: Pre-BER, Post-BER, MER
  • Signal spectrum analyzer
  • DVB-T COFDM signal constellation diagram
  • Maxhold function
  • Power supply for antenna preamplifiers (5, 12, 24 V)
  • Handy size and shape
  • AC and car charger included

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