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TP Link TPLSC3130 IP Camera

Product Code: CAMTPL3130
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Product Details

TP Link SC3130 IP Camera 30 fps at VGA (640 x 480)

  • bidirectional audio (allows voice communication)
  • compatibility with 3GPP enables monitoring via 3G terminals

TL-SC3130 camera is ideal for home and office applications. The camera can be installed in the living room, in office room, or any room requiring video (and optionally audio) surveillance, including recording of the surveillance data. After installation, the user can view images and control the camera from via a Web browser, client software, or cellular phone.

In addition to basic functions such as motion detection and event notification via e-mail, the camera also offers more sophisticated options: two-way audio transmission, two streams, compatibility with 3GPP, error detection, watchdog - creating a perfect solution for monitoring various facilities.

The camera is supplied with management software capable of handling up to 16 cameras. It allows live viewing of the video, recording of the video stream/s, and playback of the recorded material.

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TP-LINK SC3130G Wireless IP Camera

Code: TPLSC3130G
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