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Dish Rotating Motor

Product Code: SATMOTOR
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Product Details

High performance rotator for satellite dishes up to 1.4M.    Solid construction of the rotator guarantees durability in changing weather conditions.

Communication protocol DiSEqC 1.2
Maximum dish diameter 140 cm
Kind of dish

Length of dish mount 150 mm
Dish mount diameter 55 mm
Rotation speed 1.8 deg/s (13 V), 2.5 deg/s (18 V)
Power 13/18 VDC
Current in standby mode 50 mA
Current in operation mode 350 mA
Operating temperature - 40°C to +80°C
Number of programming positions 60 satellites
Number of set positions 28 satellites
Connectors F-type
Azimuth angle limits [deg] 80W ... 80E
Elevation angle limits [deg] 25 ... 75
Rotation resolution 0.1deg/impulse
Weight 3.1 kg

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