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Triax 5 Input 24 Output Multiswitch

Product Code: TRXTMP524
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Product Details

All TMP multi switches feature a unique attenuator for each polarity, which enables you to secure a uniform level no matter where the multi switch is placed. Near or far away from the dish and LNB, the same switch can be used.  TMP 5x is an active system with internal amplifiers to compensate for the insertion loss. The integrated power supply powers the amplifiers and the LNB in the system. A set-top box is not required at users outlet to receive terrestrial signals.

All input connectors are colour coded to avoid installation errors and make the installation an easy and simple task.

Number of inputs 4 SAT, 1 TER 
Number of outputs 24 
Connectors F female 
Frequency range SAT 950 - 2150 MHz 
Frequency range TER 47 - 862 MHz 
Gain SAT 3 dB 
Gain Ter 0 dB 
Isolation TER-SAT 32 dB 
Isolation SAT-TER 32 dB 
Isolation out-out SAT 30 dB 
Isolation out-out TER 30 dB 
Return loss SAT inputs 10 dB 
Return loss SAT outputs 8 dB 
Return loss TER inputs 10 dB 
Return loss TER outputs 8 dB 
Output level SAT at -35dB IMD3 100 dBµV 
Output level TER at -60dB IMD 85 dBµV 
Impedance input/output 75 Ohm 
LNB power supply max.600 mA
Colourcoding of IF and TER inputs Yes 
Power supply voltage 180-264 (47-63 Hz) V/AC 
Dimensions (H x D x W) 157 x 51 x 340 mm 

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